Norm Stamper, former chief of the Seattle Police force, has written a story like no other. Part-memoir, part polemic, Stamper exposes the unvarnished truth — both disturbing and inspiring — about policing in America today.

Breaking Rank
A Top Cop's Exposé
of the Dark Side of American Policing

Norm Stamper

Awards & Other Publications

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Films Featuring Norm

"The Union: The Business Behind Getting High," selected for 2007 Winnipeg Film Festival, Vancouver, B.C. Film.

"Private Violence: The Movement Against Battering in America," Kit Gruelle, Cynthia Hill, Steven Channing, Durham, NC. In production.

"Damage Done: The Drug War Odyssey", by Novia Scotia filmmaker Connie Littlefield, to be completed October, 2006, for the National Film Board of Canada

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), 12-minute program endorsed by Walter Cronkite (currently available at, 2006


"Life Behind the Badge: Norm Stamper Speaks Out." The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Seattle Northwest Regional Chapter (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana). Public Affairs — Special or Series. Won by Liv Faris, Producer, Tiffany Dedeaux, Editor for June 3, 2006.

Journalism Award

Society of Professional Journalists' 2006 Excellence in Journalism Competition for Government/Political Reporting: 1st Place to J. Kingston Pierce, Washington Law & Politics, for "Stamper Has His Say"