Norm Stamper, former chief of the Seattle Police force, has written a story like no other. Part-memoir, part polemic, Stamper exposes the unvarnished truth — both disturbing and inspiring — about policing in America today.

Breaking Rank
A Top Cop's Exposé
of the Dark Side of American Policing

Norm Stamper

2006 Events

January 26-28 (speaking on the 28th from 9:45-11:30 AM). Brookings Institution, 1775 Massachusetts Aveune NW, Falk Auditorium, Washington, D.C. Speaking to 30 progressive mayors who are part of the "New Cities Project"

February 7, 5:30-7:30 PM - Seattle, Leadership Tomorrow's "Leading and Reading With Norm Stamper" at the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, 1301 Fifth Avenue

February 11, 3:45-5:00 PM. ACLU of Washington, Annual Meeting, Kane Hall, University of Washington, Speech on "Civil Liberties, Social Justice, and the Drug War"

February 26, 11am. "Warren on the Weekend", the most listened to talk radio show in Canada, CKNW Radio

February 27, 4pm. "On The Coast, CBC Radio One 690 AM", Host: Ms. Priya Ramu

February 28, 10am. "Bill Good Show at CKNW Radio"

February 28, 11:30am-2:30pm, Abbotsford, BC, Univ College of Fraser Valley “Introduction to Law Enforcement” Class, 604-535-6390

February 28, 5:30pm-7pm — Abbotsford, BC. Univ College of Fraser Valley Criminal Justice Dept-sponsored Drug Legalization panel discussion, 604-535-6390

March 1, 7pm — Abbotsford, BC, "Why Cops Say Legalize Drugs", Clearbrook Lions Club, 604-854-8360

March 2, 2pm — Abbotsford, BC, Book Signing - Coles Bookstore, (604) 851-5777

March 2, 6:15pm — Abbotsford, BC, Abbotsford-Matsqui Rotary Club, 604-855-3874

March 7, noon, The Al Sharpton Show, (Keeping It Real", national talk radio show

March 10, 6:30pm — Las Vegas, Futurist Salon, Borders Books, 2190 north Rainbow. "Crime Control vs. Civil Liberties: the Case for Retooling American Law Enforcement"

April 3, 10:30am - Calgary, Tommy Latour, CBC Radio

April 4, 10:00am - Calgary - Toronto Star, Betsy Powell

April 4, 11:20am - Calgary - CBC-TV

April 5, 10:30am - Calgary - CBC-TV

April 10, 4:20pm - Vancouver - CBC Radio One

April 11, 10:00am - Vancouver - CKNW 980, Bill Good Show with Christy Clark

April 12, 7:45am - Vancouver - AMA Channel TV

April 18, 8:00pm - Toronto - NewsTalk 1010

April 20, 11:00am - San Francisco - KPOO Radio, "California Prison Focus Radio"

April 21, 9:30am - San Francisco - San Francisco Chronicle, Debra Saunders

April 21, 12:00pm - San Francisco - Mission Neighborhood Health Center. "The Public Health Benefits of Ending the Drug War"

May 8, 9:30am - Seattle - University of Washington, Kane Hall, Professor Kathleen Beckett's Sociology class. "How Drug Law Enforcement is Organized: Why It's So Controversial"

May 16, 7 pm, Columbia, MO, Radio Intervview, KOPN, 89.5, NPR Affiliate, Dan Viets May 22-26 - Plano, TX, Institute for Law Enforcement Administration, May 24, 8:30am — Institute for Law Enforcement Administration, “Police Leadership”

June 1, 1:00pm - Victoria, B.C., - Victoria Police Command Staff. "WTO and Police Leadership"

June 2, 12:15am — Victoria, BC, Voices of Substance, “The Costs of Doing Nothing: Looking Beyond Our Current Approaches to Substance Use.” It's an all day affair. Norm will speak at the "Public Safety and Order" Plenary btwn 12:15pm and 1:30pm

June 29, 4:00pm, The Chris Fabricant Show, live podcast from Brooklyn, NY.

July 13, 11:00am,Local Initiatives Support Corporation, "Community Safety Initiative," live podcast from New York.
August 20, 4:20pm — Seattle, Hempfest

September 5, 2006 - Las Vegas, Nevada. U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections, Executive Excellence Course, Phase 2. "The Role of the Executive"

September 12, 2006 - Washington, D.C. The Cato Institute. A response to Radley Balko's "Overkill," a report on police paramilitary responses

September 28, 2006, Ellensburg, Interview with Patrick Carlson, Ellensburg Daily Record

October 1, Interview with Mike DeRosa, WWUH, University of Hartford, CT.

October 2, 8-8:30pm, KIT 1280 AM Radio Interview, Yakima, WA.

October 2, 4-4:30pm, KIT Radio interview with Brian Teegarden, Yakima, WA.

October 3, afternoon, TV Interview, KIMA-TV Ellensburg, WA.

October 3, 2006, 3:00 PM - Ellensburg, WA. Jerrol's Bookstore. Reading

October 3, 2006, Evening class - Ellensburg, WA. Central Washington University

October 7, 2-5 PM, Presbyterian Church, Friday Harbor. Community speech--"Why is it Always About Women?"--sponsored by Amnesty International, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of the San Juan Islands, and Soroptimist International.

October 10, 3:00 PM — Missoula. Interview with Tristan Scott, law enforcement reporter, The Missoulian.

October 10, 5:30 PM — Missoula. Meeting with state legislators

October 10, 7-8pm — Montana. Univ of MT Law School, Missoula, Forward Montana.

October 11, 10-10:30am — Montana. KUFM Public Radio, University campus, Univ of MT Law School, Missoula

October 11, 11:45 AM — Missoula. Meeting with City of Missoula and Missoula County police officials

October 11, 1:30 PM — Missoula. Interview with Jessie McQuillan, Missoula Independent Weekly

October 11, 2-3:30pm — Missoula. KPAX-TV Studio, Interview with Ian Marquand for tonight’s evening news broadcast, Half-hour interview with Ian for following Sunday’s “Face the State”

October 11, 6:30pm — Missoula. University of Montana Law School, Symposium on Privacy

October 12, 10:00 AM — Helena, MT. Meeting with Governor's staff

October 12, 11:00 AM — Helena. Meeting with Attorney General Mike McGrath.

October 12, 12:00 PM — Helena. Lunch meeting with Helena police officials

October 12, 2-3:30pm — Missoula. CTV Studios, Interview with Tom Daubert for three episodes of “No Smoke No Mirrors”

October 14, 10:30am - Boston, - International Association of Chiefs of Police. "Police Psychological Services: Reflections"

October 15, 9-9:50am — Bedford, MA, Lyceeum, First Unitarian in New Bedford, Bedford, MA

October 17, 9am — Hartford, CT, WNPR Public Radio, "Where We Live" show

October 17, 12:15 to 1:30 — Bloomfield, CT, Bloomfield Rotary, LEAP: Rick Ostrander cell 315-345-4399

October 17, 3:00pm — Hartford, CT, Public Access TV

October 18, 12:15 — Southington, CT, Community Room of The Orchards, LEAP: Rick Ostrander cell 315-345-4399

October 18, 6:00pm — Stafford, CT, Sun Valley Beach Club, LEAP: Rick Ostrander cell 315-345-4399

October 19, 12:30-1pm — Ellensburg, WA, KXLE Radio 1240AM interview, host Dennis Leach,

October 19, 4:00 PM — Providence, RI. Live With Arlene Violet on WHJJ

October 19, 5:00 PM — Providence. Live With Parker Gavigan, ABC

October 19, 7-9pm — Providence, RI, Top Cop Calls for an End to America's Longest War, Rhode Island College, room Student Union Ballroom.

October 20, 2:30 PM — Kingstown Interview with Campus Radio Station, URI

October 21, 5:00 PM — Boston. Scripted call for SAFER, Amendment 44 in Colorado

October 23, 7:00 AM — Calgary. Alberta. "Breakfast TV," City TV Channel 8

October 23, 7:00 PM — Calgary. St. Germaine's restaurant, dinner with Sandstone representatives and civic leaders

October 24, 6-9pm — Calgary, Alberta, Calgary Petroleum Club

October 25, 12:00 PM — Calgary. University of Calgary speech to social sciences class

October 26, 9:30 AM — Denver. Press conference with Drug Policy Alliance on Zogby Poll re: cigarette prohibition movement

October 26, 1-2pm — Denver, CO, KBPI 106.7 FM Radio, The Uncle Nasty Show Interview to discuss the SAFER Ballot Initiative Prop 44

October 26, 6-9pm — Denver, CO, NORML sponsored event in conjunction with SAFER initiative.

October 27, 11:00 AM — Denver. Governor's press conference announcing opposition to Amendment 44, multiple media interviews

October 27, 4:00 PM — Denver. "Right or Wrong! Caplis and Silverman," KHOW Radio

November 4, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM — Vancouver, BC, Fraser Institute

November 11, 9:00 AM — Seattle. Seattle Neighborhood Coalition, Greenhouse at Day's Inn

November 12 — San Diego. (death penalty discussion, TBA)

November 13, 6:00 PM — San Diego. San Diego State University, Guest Lecturer

November 15, 10:00 AM — San Marcos, CA. Filming for "Private Violence"

November 16, 2:00 PM — San Diego. Students for Sensible Drug Policy, SDSU

November 30, 12:15 PM. — Brooklyn. Interview with Rev. Al Sharpton, TV-1

December 11, 5 PM.. Sirius Radio, "The DeVore and Diana Show."

December 12, 10AM.. KVI, "The Commentators" with John Carlson and Ken Schram.