Norm Stamper

Author of To Protect and Serve:
How to Fix America’s Police

Norm Stamper, former chief of the Seattle Police force, has written a story like no other. Part memoir, part polemic, Stamper exposes the unvarnished truth — both disturbing and inspiring — about policing in America today.

Opening with a powerful letter to former Tacoma police chief David Brame, who shot his estranged wife before turning the gun on himself, Stamper introduces us to the violent, secret world of domestic abuse that cops must not only navigate, but which some also perpetrate. Stamper goes on to expose a troubling culture of racism, sexism, and homophobia that is still pervasive within the 21st century force, exploring how such prejudices can be addressed. He reveals the dangers and temptations that cops on the street face, describing in gripping detail their split second life-and-death decisions.

Table of Contents


Crime and Punishment

  1. An Open Letter to a Bad Cop
  2. Wage War on Crime, Not Drugs
  3. Prostitution: Get a Room!
  4. Capital Punishment: The Coward’s Way Out
  5. Criminals’ Rights: Worth Protecting?
  6. Getting a Grip on Guns
  7. Men

Cop Culture

  1. Why White Cops Kill Black Men
  2. Racism in the Ranks
  3. “Split-Tails”
  4. Sexual Predators in Uniform
  5. Blue Wall of Silence
  6. The Police Image: Sometimes a Gun is Just a Gun
  7. It’s Not All Cops and Robbers
  8. Doughnuts, Tacos, and Fat Cops

The Police Department

  1. Demilitarizing the Police
  2. Picking Good Cops
  3. Staying Alive in a World of Sudden, Violent Death
  4. Undercover

Policing the Police

  1. Treating Cops Like Kids: Police Discipline
  2. 1A Dark Take on Financial Liability
  3. Up With Labor (Not So Fast, Police Unions)
  4. Living With Killing
  5. Citizen Oversight

Politics of Policing

  1. Egos on Patrol
  2. Marching for Dykes on Bikes (and Against Jesus)
  3. The Fourth Estate: A Chief’s Lament
  4. Snookered in Seattle: The WTO Riots
  5. Community Policing: A Radical View
  6. Cultivating Fearless Police Leadership


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