Norm Stamper

Author of To Protect and Serve:
How to Fix America’s Police

2019 Events

August 14 – Seattle – In-studio interview with Joshua McNichols and Emily Radil, KUOW

August 6 – Las Vegas – Telephone interview with Ed Opperman, The Opperman Report

July 2 – Orcas Island – Telephone interview with state senate candidate Carrie Blackwood

June 21 – Seattle – Email interview with Barrington Salmon, Freelance Journalist

June 14 – Seattle – Presentation on the “Battle in Seattle: We Got This”  to The Performance Theatre

June 13-15 – Seattle – Participant in The Performance Theatre

May 16 – Seattle – In-studio interview with Bill Radke, The Record, KUOW

May 11 – Orcas Island – Interview with Lauren Dudley, Trial and Error Productions

May 10-11 – Orcas Island – Facilitate Actor-Audience Q&A following WIWP production of “Don’t Call it a Riot,” Directed by Amontaine Aurore, Orcas Center

March 30 – Orcas Island – Speech to Woman in the Woods Productions’ annual gala, “Art Matters”

March 9 – Oslo and San Francisco – Telephone interview with Saya Snow Kitasei and Tim Steinecke, The Performance Theatre

March 5 – Washington, D.C. – Telephone interview with Norah Gelhaus, et al, D.C. Everest Senior High

March 1 – Louisville, KY – Telephone interview with Chris Finzer, et al, CLOUT Mental Illness/Addiction Issue Committee

February 4-6 – Montgomery, AL – Meeting of Police Reform Advisory Group, Vera Institute of Justice

January 24 – Seattle – Telephone interview with Eldon Taylor, Provocative Entertainment, KKNW Radio

January 9 – New Orleans – Telephone interview with Kevin Litten, Times Picayune