Norm Stamper

Author of To Protect and Serve:
How to Fix America’s Police

2013 Events

December 13 – Austin  Telephone interview with Michael Searle, aide to Texas’s 7th District State Representative David Simpson

December 10 – Missoula  Telephone interview with Kate Haake, Missoulian

December 5 – San Francisco  Telephone interview with Zusha Elinson, Wall Street Journal

November 20 – San Francisco  Telephone interview with Zusha Elinson, Wall Street Journal

November 21 – Kennewick, WA  Telephone interview with Tyler Richardson, Tri-City Herald 

November 19 – Seattle  Telephone conference with Safe and Just Alternatives, ACLU, et al

November 9 – Seattle  TED Talk, Fifth Avenue Theatre, TEDxRainier

October 21 – NYC  Telephone interview with Adam Nagourney, New York Times

October 21 – Eastsound, WA  In-person interview with Lin McNulty, Orcas Issues: News & Views

October 10 – Bellevue, WA Keynote speech, (Formerly) Eastside Domestic Violence Program, LifeWire

October 8 – Monroe, WA  Speech to inmates, Monroe Correctional Complex, University of Washington Course

October 4 – Houston  Telephone interview with Rachael X. Jackson, Houston Chronicle

September 19 –  Buffalo  Telephone interview with Chris Stevenson, Point Blank Blog Radio

September 17 – NYC  TV interview, from Seattle, with Rev. Al Sharpton Politics Nation, MSNBC

September 7 – Seattle  In-person interview with Kristen Gwynne, The Nation

September 5 – Los Angeles/Seattle  Studio interview with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, Smiley & West Show, KUOW/PRI

August 28 – Chandler, AZ  Telephone interview with Mark J. Victor, Doublewide Network

August 9 – Bellingham, WA  Telephone interview with Joe Teehan,The Joe Show, AM 930

July 30 – NYC  Skype interview with Jorge Pontual, Globo News, Brazil

July 25 – Austin  Radio interview with Alex Jones, The Alex Jones Show

July 24 – Beverly Hills  TV interview with HuffPost Live

July 24 – Oregon  Telephone interview with Casper Leitch and Peter Christ, American Freedom Radio

July 10 – Pt. Townsend, WA  In-person interview with Manuel Valdes, Associated Press

June 27 – Buffalo  Telephone interview with Chris Stevenson, Point Blank Blog Radio

June 26 – Anchorage, AK  Telephone interview with Glen Biegel,KBYR Radio AM

June 25 – San Francisco  Telephone interview with Charlotte Silver, Al Jazeera English

June 14 – Richland, WA  Speech on Drugs & Guns, Tri-City Democrats

June 14 – Richland, WA  In-person interview with Jane Sander, KNDU TV, Kennewick, WA

June 10 – Tri-Cities, WA  Telephone interview with Dennis Shannon, KONA AM Radio

June 7 – New Orleans  Telephone interview with Mike Kunzelman, Associated Press

May 29 – NYC Telephone interview with Michael Vallo, Barron’s

May 29 – NYC Telephone interview with Kristen Gwynne, Rolling Stone

May 22 – Orcas Island, WA  Library-sponsored speech, “Community Policing in the 21st Century,” Orcas Center

May 21 – New Orleans Telephone interview with Mike Kunzelman, Associated Press

May 14 – Seattle  Email interview with Josh Feit, Founder and Editor, PubliCola

May 3 – San Francisco  Telephone interview with Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone

April 30 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Dan Restione, KIRO Radio

April 23 – NYC  Telephone interview with Blog Talk Radio, Progressive Democrats of America 

April 11 – Montpelier, VT  Telephone interview with Eric Blaisdell, Montpelier Times Argus

April 8 – Ashland, OR  Telephone interview with “Jefferson Exchange,” NPR

March 24 – Edmonds, WA  Rick Steves-hosted I-502 victory party, film preview, Edmonds home

March 13 – New York  Telephone interview with Steven Yoder, American Prospect

March 13 – San Francisco  Telephone interview with Holly Kernan, KALW FM

March 10 – Washington, D.C.  Telephone interview with Mark Levine, The Inside Scoop, 1480 AM Radio

March 8 – Seattle, WA  Telephone interview with John Carlson, KVI Radio

March 6 – Olympia, WA  Testify before House Judiciary Committee on the death penalty, on behalf of ACLU

March 6 – Olympia, WA  In-person interview with Essex Porter, KIRO TV

February 27 – London  Telephone interview with Hannah Shelley, Nutopia TV

February 20 – Loma Linda  Telephone interview with Kathleen Wells, KCAA Radio

February 17 – Houston  Telephone interview with Gus Lawrence, Justice Radio

February 15 – NYC  Skype TV interview with Amy Goodman and Juan González, Democracy Now

February 14 – Florida  Telephone interview with Brian Thornsburgh, Rock N Talk with the Daniels

January 31 – Seattle  E-mail interview with Joel Connelly, SeattlePI.Com

January 16 – Orcas Island  In-person interview with Bruce Frankel, Senior New York Producer, French Television 1/TFI

January 11 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Ross Reynolds, KUOW

January 11 – Orcas Island  Photo shoot for Shakespeare Festival, Eastsound, WA

January 10Orcas Island  In-person interview with Jeff Burnside, KOMO TV, Seattle

January 10 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Lizz Sommars, The Mountain 103.7 FM

January 8 – Seattle  Telephone interview on “Problem Oriented Policing” with Claudia Gross-Shader, City Auditor’s Office