Norm Stamper

Author of To Protect and Serve:
How to Fix America’s Police

2012 Events

December 21 – St. Augustine  Telephone interview with Tim Constantine, Direct Radio

December 20 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Jon Repp, KOMO Radio

December 19 – NYC  Telephone interview with Alan Colmes, The Alan Colmes Show, Fox News 

December 18 – Denver Telephone interview with Eli Stokols, Denver’s Fox31

December 18 – NYC  HuffPost Live Television (remote) interview with Alicia Menendez, Huffington Post

December 14 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Joel Connelly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

December 13 – San Francisco  Telephone interview with Public Radio, Your Call on KALW

December 10 – Chicago  In-studio interview with Al Jazeera Inside Story Americas

December 10 – Seattle  Telephone interview with John Curley, Ursula Reutin, Tom Tagney, KIRO Radio

December 8Friday Harbor, WA  Auctioneer for annual fundraiser, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of the San Juan Islands

December 8 – Washington, D.C.  Telephone interview with Reem Akkad, Aljazeera English

December 6 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Nina Shaprio, Seattle Weekly

December 6 – Seattle Email interview with Eli Sanders, Time Magazine

November 29 – NYC  Telephone interview with Steve Wishnia, Skunk Magazine

November 29 – NYC  Telephone interview with Fred Deknatel, Rolling Stone

November 29 – Seattle  Telephone interview with John Curley, Ursula Reutin, Tom Tagney, KIRO Radio

November 28 – Eagan, MN  Telephone interview with Jason Lewis, The Jason Lewis Show

November 26 – NYC  Telephone interview with Fabrice Rousselot, New York Bureau Chief, Liberation

November 23 – Doha, Qatar  Telephone interview with Jack Zahora, Al Jazeera

November 22 – Orcas Island, WA  Interview with Thane Burnett, Toronto Sun, Sun Media

November 20 – Washington, D.C.  Media teleconference on presentation of LEAP letter to Attorney General Holder, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

November 19 – Yakima, WA  Telephone interview with Andrew Kirk, Townsquare Media

November 19 – Washington, D.C.  Teleconference withLEAP Colleagues

November 19 – Washington, D.C.  Telephone interview with Carrie Johnson, NPR News

November 12 – Washington, D.C.  Telephone interview with Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Program

November 9 – Nashville  Telephone interview with Radley Balko, Huffington Post

November 8 – Ottawa, Canada  Telephone interview with Alison Foster, Embassy News

November 8 – San Francisco  Telephone interview with Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone Magazine

November 8 – Bellingham, WA  Telephone interview with Joe Teehan, “The Joe Show,” KGMI Radi

November 8 – Los Angeles  Telephone interview with Warren Olney, “To the Point,” PRI Radio

November 7 – Denver  Telephone interview with Jack Healy, New York Times

November 7 – Cambridge, MA  Telephone interview with Stephen Webster, Raw Story

November 7 – Victoria, BC  Telephone interview with James Gardner, K-FAX Radio

November 7 – Vancouver, B.C.  Telephone interview with Bill Good, The Bill Good Show, CKNW News Talk

November 3 – Seattle  Presentation to Northwest Students for Liberty Annual Conference, University of Washington

November 3 – Seattle   Interview with Chris Anderson, KING TV

November 2 – Seattle  Interview with Jonathan Martin, Seattle Times

November 1 – Seattle  Keynote speaker, Teens in Public Service annual fundraiser, TIPS

November 1 – Seattle  Telephone interview with John Carlson, KVI Radio

October 29 – NYC  Telephone interview with John Richardson, Esquire Magazine

October 19 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Steve Scher, KUOW

October 18 – Florida  Telephone interview with Greg Newburn, Citizens Against Police Militarization

October 17 – Los Angeles  Telephone interview with Bill Welch, USA Today

October 11 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Jonathan Martin, Seattle Times 

October 2Washington, D.C.  Telephone interview with Sweta Vohra, Al Jazeera 

October 1, 2 – Seattle  Recording narration for documentary, Legal as Beer, E.J. Vaughn, Producer

September 25 – Sebastopol, CA  Telephone interview with Phil Smith, Drug War Chronicle

September 24 – Victoria, B.C.  Telephone interview with C-FAX 1070

September 19 – Seattle  Presentation on Marijuana Legalization, The Rainier Club

August 28 – London  Telephone interview with Monocle 24, Midori Hous

August 14 – Anacortes, WA  Debate on Initiative-502, Fidalgo Democrats, Public Library

August 3 – Orcas Island, WA  Interview with Shankar Narayan, ACLU

July 18 – NYC  Telephone interview with Timothy Dickinson, Rolling Stone

July 2 – Oregon  Telephone interview with Casper Leitch, Time 4 Hemp, American Freedom Radio

June 27 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Karl Baker, Seattle Times

June 26 – Berkeley  Telephone interview with Brian Edwards, KPFA Radio

June 20 – Loma Linda, CA  Telephone interview with Kathleen Wells, KCAA Radio

June 19 – Los Angeles  Telephone interview with Leslie Marshall, Talk US

June 19 – New York  Telephone interview with Lorenzo Franceschi Biccieral, WIRED Magazine

June 19 – Alameda County  Telephone interview with Judith Scherr, Inter Press Service

June 18 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Bill Radke, Linda Thomas, Tom Tangney, KIRO Radio

June 6 – San Juan Island, WA  Presentation to class at Skagit Valley College

June 3 – Orcas Island, WA  Present introduction to “The Butterfly Effect,” Orcas Center Black Box

May 31 – St. Augustine  Telephone interview with Tim Constantine, Direct Radio

May 31 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Ken Schram, KOMO Radio

May 30 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Herb Weisbaum and Jane Shannon, KOMO Radio

May 23 – NYC  Telephone interview with Caleb Hannan, Village Voice

May 21 – Chicago  Telephone interview with Steve Edwards, WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio

May 13 – NYC  Email interview with Natasha Lennard,

May  12 – Seattle  Instudio interview with Phil Rogers, NBC, Chicago

May 7 – Chicago  Telephone interview with Julie Unruh, WGN, Chicago

May 3 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Bill Radke, KIRO FM

May 2 – Seattle  Telephone interview with C.R. Douglas, KCPQ Fox News

May 2 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Herb Weisbaum, KOMO News Radio

April 26 – NYC  Telephone interview with Connor Guy, The Nation

April 24 – Bainbridge Island, WA  Presentation on “Building Community-Police Trust,” Islanders for Collaborative Policing

April 22 – Orcas Island, WA  Follow up interview with Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker

April 17 – NYC Telephone interview with Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker

April 16 – NYC  Telephone interview with Steve Langford FM News 101.9, ABC News

April 4 – Bristol, VA  Telephone interview with James Shea, Bristol Herald Courier

March 30 – Tonasket, WA  Presentation/panel on Washington Initiative-502, Tonasket Community Center

March 30 – Okanogan, WA  Presentation/panel on Washington Initiative-502, Okanogan County Bar Association

March 29 – Spokane, WA  Presentation on “Policing for Safety with Professionalism and Civil Rights,” Bing Crosby Theater, League of Women Voters and The Inlander News

March 29 – Spokane, WA  Conversation with law students, Gonzaga University

March 29 – Spokane, WA  Meeting with Chair of  City of Spokane Use of Force Committee, Gonzaga University

March 29 – Spokane, WA  Interview with Dawn Jewell, KYRS Community Radio

March 28 – Yakima, WA  Presentation on Washington State Initiative-502, “Public Safety Implications of Marijuana Prohibition,” Capitol Theatre

March 28 – Bellingham, WA  Panel discussion on “Whatever Happened to the Neighborhood Beat Cop?”, Bellingham City Club

March 27 – Bellingham, WA  Presentation on Drug Policy, Western Washington University

March 26 – Spokane, WA  Telephone interview with Gavin Dahl, KYRS, Thin Air Community Radio

March 25 – Friday Harbor, WA  Presentation to San Juan Island Political Action Network

March 23 Seattle  Telephone interview with Keegan Hamilton, Seattle Weekly

March 22 – Seattle  Keynote address on “Safe and Just Policing:  Toward a Police Culture Beyond the War on Drugs,” American Civil Liberties Union Annual Membership Meeting

March 22 – Spokane  Telephone interview with Shawn Vestal, Spokesman-Review, Spokane

March 22 – Seattle  Interview with C.R. Douglas, Q13 Fox News

March 22 – Seattle  Luncheon conversation with members, American Civil Liberties Union 

March 22 – Seattle  Meeting with representatives of communities of color, American Civil Liberties Union

March 21 – Seattle Telephone interview with Ken Schram, KOMO Radio

March 21 – Seattle  Interview with Real Change News reporter, Real Change News

March 21 – Seattle  In-studio interview with The Morning Show, KING-TV

March 19 – Spokane Telephone interview with Chris Stein, The Pacific Northwest Inlander

February 24 – Honolulu  Telephone interview with Sara Lin, Honolulu Civil Beat

February 21 – Los Angeles  Telephone interview with Warren Olney, “To the Point,” Public Radio International and KCRW, Los Angeles

February 17 – Everett, WA  In-studio interview with Ed Brenner, “Sound Living,” KSER Radio (KPFA-FM, Berkeley)

February 16 – Chicago  Telephone interview with WGN-TV

January 30 – NYC  Email interview with Natasha Lennard,

January 27 – Michigan  Telephone interview with Norm Jones, News Talk 580

January 20 – South Jordan, Utah  Telephone interview with Mark Maxon Show, KTTA Radio

January 19 – Fayetteville, N.C.  Telephone interview on “The Wake Up Show,” WIDU Radio

January 17 – Vancouver, B.C.  Presentation on “Increased Militarization of American Policing,” British Columbia Civil Liberties Association  (Postponed till June 2012)

January 16 – Seattle – Telephone interview with Ian Finkenbinder, Occupy Seattle Media Team

January 14 – Chicago  Telephone interview with Chuck Mertz, KNUR-FM

January 10 – Columbus, MO  Telephone interview with “Sex, Drugs, and Civil Liberties,” KOPN Radio

January 9 – Chicago  Telephone interview with Jack Nicas, Wall Street Journal

January 6 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Bill Radke and Linda Thomas, KIRO FM  Radio

January 6 – Seattle  Telephone interview with Mark Christopher and Elisa Jaffe, KVI Radio

January 5 – Chicago  Telephone interview with Megan Crepeau, editorial page coordinator, Chicago Tribune