Norm Stamper

Author of To Protect and Serve:
How to Fix America’s Police

2010 Events

November 30 – Seattle Telephone interview with Rebecca Lane, Center for Ethical Leadership

November 29 – North Carolina Telephone interview with Allan Handelman, The Allan Handelman Show, KZTK

November 10 – La Crosse, Wisconsin Internet presentation to University of Wisconsin criminal justice class, Matt Vogel, M.A.

October 21 – November 7 (three weekends) – Seattle Brilliant Traces, Play by Cindy Lou Johnson, Richard Hugo House

November 3 – Oakland, CA Telephonic news conference, Proposition 19 Coalition

November 1 – Oakland, CA Telephonic Town Hall Meeting, California

November 1 – Los Angeles Telephone interview with Jesse Lee Peterson, The Jesse Lee Peterson Show

October 31 – New York Television interview with Dylan Ratigan, MSNBC

October 29 – California Statewide “robocall” in support of Proposition 19, California Households

October 26 – Oakland, CA Telephonic news conference, Law Enforcement in support of Proposition 19, representing LEAP

October 26 – Seattle Telephone interview with Brandan Kiley, The Stranger

October 21 – Seattle Interview with Kim Holcomb, King 5 TV, Evening Magazine

October 20 – Seattle Telephone interview with Marina Rockinger, KOMO Radio

October 20 – Seattle Presentation to Professor Ed Reed’s criminal justice class, Seattle University

October 14-16 – Orcas Island “Brilliant Traces,” Play by Cindy Lou Johnson, Orcas Grange

October 13 – Palm Springs Telephone interview with “The Lee Rayburn Show,” KNews FM

October 9 – Los Angeles Telephone interview with Richard Karr, “The Marijualogist Show,”

October 8 – Seattle Telephone interview with Ken Schram, KOMO Radio

September 29 – Glendale, CA Telephone interview with “Fernando Espuelas Show,” KTNQ Radio

September 9 – Washington, D. C. Telephone interview with Chris Hayes, Washington, D. C. Editor of The Nation

August 4 – Seattle Telephone interview with Ryan Harris, KOMO Radio

August 4 – Seattle Telephone interview with the “Ron and Don Show,” KIRO FM

August 4 – Seattle Telephone interview with Dori Monson, KIRO FM

August 3 – New York National news conference on marijuana legalization campaign, “Just Say Now,” Students for Sensible Drug Policy and

August 2 – New York National telephone news conference on legalization of marijuana, GOTV

July 23 – Seattle Interview for documentary on police handling of mentally ill persons with filmmaker Dan Filbin

July 8 – Washington, DC Telephone interview with Phil Smith, Drug War Chronicle

July 7 – Bellingham, Washington Radio interview with Joe Teehan, KGMI FM

June 23 – Orcas Island, Ferry Landing Interview with Robert Shaffer, Fox News TV

June 3 – Sydney, Australia Telephone interview with James Adonis, Fairfax Media

May 24 – Bellevue, Washington Radio interview with Karl Baker, KBCS FM

May 19 – Los Angeles Radio interview with KPFK, “Connect the Dots”

May 19 – Santa Cruz, California Radio interview with Brad Kava, KSCO

May 19 – Santa Maria Radio interview with Andy Caldwell Show, KUHL -AM

May 13 – San Diego Telephone interview with Keegan Kyle, Voice of San Diego

May 10 – Seattle Telephone interview with Elliot Donohue

May 7 – New York Telephone interview with journalist and author Greg Campbell

May 4 – Sydney, Australia Internet interview with Andrew Potts, DNA Magazine

April 23-24 – University of Washington, Seattle Panel presentations to “War & Global Health Conference”

April 20 – Central Washington University, Ellensburg Speech:  “Ending the Drug War, One Initiative at a Time”

April 20 – Houston Radio interview with Dean Becker, “A Century of Lies,” KPFT – FM

April 19 – Seattle Participation in one-day internet “Questionland,” The Stranger

April 13 – St. Louis, MO Radio Interview with McGraw Milhaven Show, KTRS – AM

March 26 – New York Telephone interview with Andrew Purcell for Herald Scotland

March 16 – Phoenix, AZ Radio Interview with Jeff Farias

March 15 – Osage Beach, MO Radio Interview with KRMS 1150-AM

March 12 – Orcas Island Reading, Dana Hufford Book Club

March 5 – San Diego Telephone Interview with Frank Green, Counterpunch

February 23 – California Telephone Interview with Paul Weinberg, Digital Communities

February 22 – Montreal Telephone Interview with Chad Nance, Political Editor, Skunk Magazine

February 19 – Washington, D.C. Presentation to, participation in “Justice in America” Conference

February 1 – Doe Bay, Orcas Island Reading, Artsmith Salon

January 27 – Kansas City, MO. Radio Interview with “Vibes With Val,” 90.1 FM Kansas City, MO

January 15 – Seattle Telephone Interview with Cydney Gillis, Real Change

January 14Seattle Town Hall, Elliott Bay Books, Introduction of Gabor Maté

January 14 – Seattle Interview with Penny LeGate, CTV, The Seattle Channel

January 13 – Seattle Telephone Interview with Bob Rivers, CBS Radio

January 13 – Seattle Interview with Bob Restione, KIRO Radio

January 10 – Friday Harbor, WA Presentation to Soroptimist of Friday Harbor, San Juan County Library, and Amnesty International, “Human Trafficking”

January 6 – Sammamish, WA Interview with Kellie Standish, Eastside Catholic High School