Norm Stamper

Author of To Protect and Serve:
How to Fix America’s Police

Norm Stamper, former chief of the Seattle Police force, has written a story like no other. Part memoir, part polemic, Stamper exposes the unvarnished truth — both disturbing and inspiring — about policing in America today.

Opening with a powerful letter to former Tacoma police chief David Brame, who shot his estranged wife before turning the gun on himself, Stamper introduces us to the violent, secret world of domestic abuse that cops must not only navigate, but which some also perpetrate. Stamper goes on to expose a troubling culture of racism, sexism, and homophobia that is still pervasive within the 21st century force, exploring how such prejudices can be addressed. He reveals the dangers and temptations that cops on the street face, describing in gripping detail their split second life-and-death decisions.

2008 Events

(all times local)

December 4 — Seattle, KOMO Radio Interview: “Economic benefits of ending the drug war”

October 28 — Massachusetts, Talk of the Town with Dan Collier, WDIS Radio

October 21 — Louisiana, Bernie Cyrus Show, WGSO

October 15, 7:30 pm — University of Arkansas

October 15, 12:00 pm — Springdale, AR Lions Club

October 14, 12:00 pm — Paris, AR Kiwanis

October 13, 7:00 pm — Siloam Springs, AR, Lions Club

October 11, 6:30 pm — Medford, MA, Emceeing celebration of Jack Cole, LEAP co-founder

October 10, 7:30 am — Hamilton – Wenham, MA Rotary

October 9, 7:00 pm — Boston University

October 9, 12:15 pm — Medford, MA Rotary

October 8 — Framingham, MA Interview with Rick Holmes, Editorial Page Editor, MetroWest Daily News

October 8, 12:15 pm — Swampscott, MA Rotary

October 5-7 — NH, Association of Counties Conference (presentation 10/6/08, 1-4 pm)

August 4 — Calgary, Interview with CHQR Radio

July 24 — Denver, Interview with Peter Boyles Show, KHOW

July 13-16 — Albany, Linn County, Salem, and Portland, Orego. LEAP speeches and meetings with state and local law enforcement, elected officials

June 12, 7:00 AM — Renton. Spirit of Washington Event Center. Domestic Abuse Women’s Network “Wake Up With Dawn Benefit Breakfast” Keynote

June 10 — Los Angeles. The Billy Wilder Theater, Hammer Museum. “The Prohibitive Cost of Prohibition”

June 9, 12:20 PM — Los Angeles. Interview, Reason TV

June 8 – June 10 — Malibu and Los Angeles. Meetings with City Council members and citizen groups

June 4, 7:00 AM Interview, Peter Boyle, Denver, KHOW Radio

April 12, 2008 — Los Angeles. Interview, Burl Barer’s Outlaw Radio

April 5, 2008Bellingham Herald article, “Drug war called ‘abject failure'”

April 4 Interview, KUGS Radio, Western Washington University

April 4 — Interview, Seattle Magazine

April 4 — Interview, The Associated Press, “Former Seattle chief Stamper says meth raid does little good”

April 3, 7:00 PM-9:00 PM — Bellingham, WA. Western Washington University, Performing Arts Center, “Drug War Addiction”

March 2008 — The Sentry article, “Abolish the Death Penalty”

March 18 — Dallas, Texas. Meeting with Criminal District Court Judge John Creuzot

March 18 — Dallas, Texas. Meeting with Dallas Police Chief David Kunkel

March 18 — Dallas, Texas. Meeting with Drug Policy Reformers Suzy Wills and Robert Ramsey

March 18 — Waxahachie, Texas. Interview for film, “Drug Wars: The Colombianization of Mexico,” produced by Rusty Fleming

March 17 — Plano, Texas. Meeting with Texas State Representative, Chair of the Corrections Committee Jerry Madden

March 17 — Dallas, Texas. Meeting with Dallas County Public Defender Brad Lollar

February 26, 10 am — Los Angeles. Phone Interview with Jazz Richmond.

February 14, 5:30 — Seattle. Real Change Annual Fundraiser, Rainier Valley Cultural Center.

February 13, 12:30 — Seattle. Professor Jonathan Wender’s University of Washington CJ class.

January 19, 2008, 9:00 AM — San Jose. National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, “Reaching for the Dream: New Arguments & New Allies. )

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